Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to receive my bike?
Timing will vary depending on availability of sizes, parts and the current painting backlog. In general you should allow a week to be fitted, three to four weeks for painting and bike assembly and a few days for your new machine to be delivered to your door.

Where will my Cabal frame be warrantied from?
Cabal Bikes is based in Cape Town South Africa. All our stock and parts are located in Cape Town. Any frame or wheels that is defective will be warrantied out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Where Are Cabal Bikes From?
Cabal Bikes is a wholly South African owned company, and the Bikes are designed, painted and assembled in Cape Town, South Africa. Our carbon manufacturing factories are some of the best in the World, located in China.

What kind of carbon goes into Cabal frames?
We laser cut all our carbon shapes that go into our frames and all the carbon we use is guaranteed Japanese Toray carbon fibre, the highest commercially available carbon fibre in the world.

What manufacturing technologies go into making Cabal Carbon parts?
Our production process applies the highest standards of carbon production. Our carbon pieces are laser cut from the world’s highest quality commercially available carbon, Japanese Toray carbon fibre, which is moulded using EPS technology. This ensures our products have the most even carbon layup and the best material and resin distribution during the carbon product manufacturing process.

We use only EPS moulding technology on all our frames and wheels- the latest process in carbon moulding technology. It allows us to create parts that are finished cleanly on the inside, while also allowing us complete control over the wall thickness - this allows us to tune for strength, stiffness and compliance (comfort).

What design checks and tests have been done to ensure safety?
Our factory uses a full testing facility to ensure the quality of our frames. All of our frames are fully EU ISO certified and rated. Our Ascent and Aero models, as well as all our wheels, are also UCI compliant and are able to be raced at the highest international standard.

Every frame model we sell has been rigorously tested in a bicycle-specific test facility to meet European ISO certified safety requirements. We also rigorously test and push our bikes in real world conditions for up to a year before we offer them to the public. Read our returns, warranty and replacement documentation if you'd like to know the limits of your risk.

Why Is The Direct To Public Model More Cost Effective?

The direct-to-public model means you get frames and groupsets from the original manufacturer, to your doorstep. We deal with the frame manufacturer directly and our groupsets come straight from the SRAM factory through our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreements or directly from the regional distributors if Shimano or Campagnolo. Any bulk discounts we receive are passed on to the customer as savings.

Where are groupset parts warrantied from?
Groupset parts are warrantied by the local distributor for the repective part and replacement will be mediated by Cabal Bikes.

How Do I Take Care Of My Carbon Bike And Wheels?
Please see the maintenance section.

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